Stealing Buddha's Dinner: Where are they now?


I get this question a lot and figured here would be a good place to provide some answers.

- My parents and uncle Chu Cuong are still in Michigan. My dad is still a great dancer and has become a pretty good cook. My uncle still wins every time at pool, foosball, and bowling. My mom (stepmother Rosa) recently retired from her job as a school principal. My uncle Chu Anh and aunt Shirley are based in Atlanta; their two sons, my cousins (one a doctor, the other a software guy/comedian) live near me in the Bay Area.

- Anh and Crissy are both in the Chicago area. Anh is a marketing wiz. Also: we all get along!

- Vinh is a graphic designer in Portland, Oregon. It should be noted that he moved there before the hipsters did.

- My grandmother Noi passed away in December 2007, at the age of 87. She lived a full and incredible life and I'm thankful for all the time we had with her. I'm also thankful that she was able to read this book (my uncle read it to her) and know how much she meant to everyone.

- If you're looking for any other updates, send me a tweet or email!